I have to be honest; the weather hasn’t given me many good reasons to jump up and down with great enthusiasm recently. Only today – that’s right, today in April – I looked out of the office window to see a flurry of snow falling steadily for the best part of the day. Paradox is the word that came to mind. Let me explain. I can understand looking out of the window during the months of December, January, February, and okay; maybe March to see some snow. But April and snow just don’t go together do they? Not in my opinion at least. I’m cold and need some sunshine and warmth and it just feels like this wintery weather has been around for too long. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, you can perhaps see why I’m a little sullen. I write this light-heartedly; I’m not really miserable about it. I just miss seeing and feeling the sun.

Now, let me take you to matters of greater importance than my featherbrained weather rants and hopeful forecasts. Grace Church Southall has something to be enthusiastic about. This April, 10 missionaries will be supporting the church planting and missions work of Grace Church Southall. For seven days, beginning on Monday 15th April, the missionaries will work alongside the members of the church to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in and around Southall. 10 missionaries, 7 days, 1 Gospel.

Led by Steve Macalister, the church based team are supported by Anchored in Truth (AIT) Ministries. AIT began in 1991 with a purpose and commitment to seeing God glorified in the local church. The AIT website reads:

All of the materials, ministries, and missions of Anchored in Truth are aimed at planting and strengthening Glory of God focused, Christ honoring, Bible saturated churches.

The ministry began in 1991 and remains today a ministry in the church, by the church, and for the church. While the ministry has grown beyond one church, and we invite others to help support the ministry, it is our belief that it must remain vitally connected and accountable to a local church. Anchored in Truth is a ministry of Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

During the week, we hope to do some of the following: Bible studies, Gospel preaching, prayer meetings, counselling sessions, sports event, book tables, door knocking and street evangelism.

I hope to keep you updated with the missions week by sharing testimonies and events via this blog. Keep reading. You can subscribe to get the latest email updates and follow the Grace Church Southall twitter. Above all, pray.

May God be glorified and may His church be strengthened.