The members of Grace Church Southall had great reason to rejoice when they met with Pastor Barry King on Sunday 8 November to formally constitute the church. The church, which was planted in 2010 by its sending church (Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green), has since shown good evidence of spiritual and numerical growth.

The church members also recognised Sonny Simak as Pastor of the newly constituted church. Sonny Simak and his wife Sarita live in Southall. Sunny Kundhi and Vic Gill were recognised as elders of the church.

The day was made ever more memorable as the church welcomed a born-again, baptised believer into membership on the very same day.

Pray for us and with us as we continue to look to the Lord for proclaiming the Gospel in Southall and beyond.

To Him alone be the glory, honour and praise from eternity to eternity.