Why not come and join us at one of our services this Christmas? On Sunday 20th December between 11am – 3pm you will get to hear all about the good news of Jesus Christ followed by carol singing, refreshments, festive fun, and games. Then on Friday 25th December there will be a short Christmas Day service from 10am – 11am. For more information, contact sonnysimak@gmail.com (Mobile: 07915 998 578). You can find us on Kingston Road, Southall. 


Long before Jesus was born, the Prophets foretold about the coming Messiah who would become the light of the world. This was written and documented in the Old Testament that forms part of the Bible, which we as Christians today revere to be the inerrant Word of God. As we approach a season of good will and joy, many will strive to forget about the horrible news of pain and suffering that humans are inflicting against each other. This deep darkness that dwells within the human race is the result of sin. No amount of human strength and counsel will resolve the situation, which is why so many will be left feeling unsatisfied once Christmas is over.



However, for millions of Christians around the world, this festive season reminds us of the child that was born around 2000 years ago and documented in scriptures known as the New Testament. For us, it is not only a time for celebrating the day that Jesus entered the world and overcame sin; it is also a time to celebrate that Jesus conquered death and will one day restore peace and justice with the offer of salvation which is the gift of eternal life. This gift of grace that is freely bestowed upon us may be open to you too if you realise the darkness of sin in your life and your need for Jesus as your only hope of salvation before God who is patiently waiting …