I’m often surprised each year to hear how little people truly know about the real Christmas message. It seems as if most people like to celebrate and enjoy the festivities of the season, but often without knowing what they are celebrating.

I remember growing up as a little boy and only knowing about Christmas through movies and what I saw on television. But inside, I truly desired to know what it was really all about and if it was indeed true. That all changed when I heard the real Christmas message at a local church.

So, this Christmas, the members of Grace Church Southall warmly invite you, your family and your friends to come and hear the real message of Christmas.

Starting on Sunday 1st December at 11am, you are invited to attend our special Christmas services every Sunday. You will get to meet people whose lives have been changed by Jesus and you’ll also get to hear the message of Christ.

So don’t celebrate Christmas without knowing the truth. Come and hear the joyful truth and find out why Jesus was really born into this world. We believe that if you really knew what Christmas was about, your celebrations will never be the same again.