This morning, the Anchored in Truth (AIT) Ministries team arrived in London, UK. Myself (Vic Gill), Sonny Simak and Ryan King received the team, led by Steve McAlister, at Heathrow Airport. It was nice to finally meet the brothers and sisters in Christ whom we will be working with for the next 6-7 days. The team will be staying in Southall for the duration of their stay, serving alongside Grace Church Southall.

Pastor Barry King had originally mentioned this project to me in December 2012. At that time, I remember thinking to myself that there’s still plenty of time. My oh my, how time flies. What a joy it is to finally begin the work.

After a brief touchdown at the hotel in Southall, we took the team for a brief walk around Southall. We were able to give them a guided tour of the busy and populous place that is Southall. The team saw the major religious buildings and groups that meet in Southall as well as all the colourful sights, sounds and smells that make Southall famous. But for the burdened believer, it only takes a short walk around Southall to recognise the great opportunity and urgent need for Gospel witnessing in this spiritually dark place in West London.

Grace Life Church meets in a small building on Kingston Road, Southall. Surrounding this small, unassuming, humble and somewhat dilapidated building are impressive and large buildings in which other religious groups meet in. Some of the these dominate the skyline and dwarf the small buildings in its shadows. Southall really is at the religious crossroads of the world.

It soon becomes apparent that the attraction to Grace Life Church will not be the building, but the message and the lives of those who proclaim it. May it be the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ which draws lost sinners to the fountain of everlasting life.

The evening ended with a shared meal prepared by the members of Grace Church Southall and a powerful message from God’s Word. Pastor Barry King and his wife Frances joined us for the meal and fellowship. Pastor King shared with the entire team an important message from Acts 2:42-47 – our evangelistic efforts must remember the most important things: the Lord, the local church and the lost.

Pray for us as the real work of outreach, door knocking and street evangelism begins tomorrow morning at 10am.

For the glory of God and the fame of His Son’s name.

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