Day 2 (Tuesday 16th April) was a day of work around Southall. The day began with all the members of Grace Church Southall and AIT meeting at 10am for worship, testimony, the Word and update on the day’s tasks.

Matt Vaugh shared from God’s Word (Joshua 3), reminding the team of God’s ever abiding presence with His people. Afterwards, the AIT team members shared their testimonies of salvation. There were tears, laughter and great joy as we all considered the goodness of God demonstrated in all our lives. It was agreed that only the God of the Bible could bring together Americans, Brits, Indians under one roof in Southall to proclaim the Gospel to the nations. Praise be to God.

The teams then split up: Team 1 setting up a book and literature table; team 2 and 3 going door to door knocking. We covered five residential streets; that’s almost 1,000 homes. Some opened their doors and gladly spoke to us and received the invitation. Others were not interested and did not open their doors. Some were not at home.

Meanwhile, the street evangelism team struck up many good conversations on the streets as passers by went about their business. The team engaged with Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Roman Catholics.

After lunch, the teams went out again and commenced their evangelistic work but in a different part of Southall now. The aim was to invite as many people as possible to the evening’s special evangelistic service.

At 6pm the service began. Praise God it went well. A young couple from the local area came to the chapel just before the service, but didn’t stay. They expressed interest in the work. A Spanish man did come into the service. He was handed a leaflet by brother Dwight. He got to hear the Gospel. Please pray for Raymond.

Pray for us as we go out again on Day 3 for more evangelistic work on the other side of Southall. Pray for much fruit and open doors.

May the Lord’s name be glorified.