As we stood on the streets of Southall, my heart broke within me looking at the lostness of people going about their business. Some mocked, some ignored, some argued and some showed interest. Very few acknowledge what God has done for them and the wrath of God which abides upon them. Today was again another reminder of the great need for lost people to hear about God’s reconciling love.

Day 3 (Wednesday 17th April) began with a morning of devotion shared by AIT team member Joyce. Joyce shared from God’s Word the need for believers to stand by their convictions. We then shared praise reports and prayer request from the previous days activities. It was a real good time to hear of all the individual conversations and Gospel encounters we all had with people on the streets of Southall.

The day’s activities kept us busy. The teams all spread out throughout Southall, knocking on doors, sharing the Gospel on the streets through the literature table and the children’s activity.

In the special evangelistic evening service, Brother Tyler shared his testimony of salvation and brother Dwight preached from Numbers 33. It was a good evening. We had three visitors for which we praise God.

As we stood on the streets, I asked God to have mercy. How many people will stand guilty before a holy? How many will reject God’s love? Truly our God is merciful, faithful and loving that He would send His precious Son to die for sinners who disregard, reject and hate Him and His message.

It is going to take a broken church and broken people to reach lost people.

Pray for us and the people of Southall.

The work of missions and outreach will continue on Day 5 Friday after a day of sightseeing on Day 4 (Thursday 18th April).