By Sunny Kundhi

One of my favourite movies to watch over Christmas is Home Alone. It is about a young boy who is left home alone for Christmas whilst his family accidentally leaves him behind as they go on vacation.

It is a funny and heart warming watch as we see the boy manage alone without his family throughout Christmas time. Your hearts can but go out to the lad as he spends Christmas day all alone without his loved ones.

Just like the boy there are many who will be alone this Christmas, with no family or friends to share it with, no one to open presents with and no one to pull the other side of the cracker. Loneliness is so prevalent today and even recent polls tell us that one in ten patients see their GP because they are lonely rather than unwell.

If you suffer from loneliness, please know that you do not have to be alone; in fact you were not designed to be this way. You are designed to fellowship with God through Christ, who came into this world to make this possible. You are called to love Christ and his people and to belong to a body of believers (the church).

Unlike Home Alone, you will never be left alone at Christmas, New Years or any other day in this age or the age to come as bible declares that He will not leave you or forsake you.

Let this Christmas be the first where you are truly at home, not alone but with Christ.