We were blessed to hear a very simple yet powerful message this morning from our very own Bro. Vic Gill.

He preached from Luke 19:1-10, a passage where we see Jesus visiting Zacchaeus’ house. A man who was a tax collector and despised by many of his fellow citizens. 

In this passage, we learnt about the problems of this man.

1. He had a physical problem – he was of a short stature. This meant he couldn’t do the things that his fellow peers could do. (v.3)

2. He also had a social problem – he was a tax collector; therefore, people called him a sinner. He didn’t have a good reputation among his neighbours. (v.7)

3. He had a moral problem – He was a cheat. He charged people more than he was supposed to. He gained his wealth by dishonest means. (v.8)

4. He had a spiritual problem – He was lost. But Jesus came to Him to save him. He had sinned against God just like you and I; therefore, he needed to be saved from the consequence of sin just as you and I. (V.9-10)

Most people would often want to sort out their physical, social, or moral problems. But, the Lord is more concerned about your spiritual problem. You may not get healing, or wealth, or a good social status but He promises an everlasting life to those who come to Him.

The Bible tells us to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Do it before it’s too late for you.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

– Luke 19:10