By Vic Gill

There are many reasons why I thank the Lord that I am a member of Grace Church Southall. One of those reasons is that we have a preaching team of three men (including myself) in the church. This is beneficial for the church as they get to hear the Word preached through different lenses (for lack of a better term) and the different personalities that God oversees in His ministers.  It’s also beneficial for the preachers as they get to take a break and sit under the preaching of God’s Word, which is very important as preachers also need to be fed.

This Sunday, it was my opportunity to sit, hear and be fed – as the church evangelist, Sonny Simak – preached the Word. It was a good, simple and encouraging message, hence the reason I am writing this to share with you all. The message was a two point exposition of Luke 22:54-62. Here are the two points:

1) The failure of Peter (v54-60) – Peter, despite his brave bravado, denied Jesus publicly three times before the rooster crow just as Jesus had told him he would do. He had failed His master and he had failed himself. As a result, verse 62 tells us that Peter went out and “wept bitterly.” It was at this point, Peter must have also repented deeply.

2) The faithfulness of Christ (v61-62) – Despite Peter’s utter failure, Jesus simply looks at him with a forgiving and saving gaze. Verse 61 simply says “And the Lord turned and looked at Peter.” There were no words of anger or rebuke exchanged here but a simple saving  look at the despondent Peter. It was this look that convicted and reminded Peter of Jesus’ words to him. We later learn in the Scriptures that Jesus fully restores Peter and commissions him to strengthen the brothers and to preach the Gospel. This is a wonderful picture and illustration of God’s forgiveness and restoring power. Praise God.

Today, this message still stands as a reminder for all believers who fail. Christ is still faithful. He demonstrated this even to the point of death on the cross by saving moral failures and sinners like us.

What a faithful Saviour we have in Christ. Are you trusting Him today?