The Season of Good Will

By Asa Kundhi

You know what I mean when I say Christmassy feeling.
The warm drinks, cosy evenings, decorations gleaming
The cold is acceptable, people are kind.
Free in their giving of love, patience and time.

Imagine a world where everyone sang merry songs
Where goodwill didn’t have a season but was all year long.
Orphans were always loved, the elderly’s loneliness cracked.
We could smile at strangers and the strangers would smile back.
Come February we’d still check the homeless were warm and fed,
In the middle of the year good greetings were still being said.
We’d keep counting our blessings,
There’s a constant laughter in the air.
Joy is always around, people are happy everywhere.

And yet Christmas won’t lose its specialness,
Though some people may think it might.
But they forgot the real reason for Christmas is Christ.
So whilst we enjoy our gifts, our fellowship and dinners,
Let us reflect that Jesus came into the world for sinners.
That Christmas is not just about good deeds and giving from us.
What’s precious about Christmas,
Is the child who would die on the cross.