Who is Jesus? What’s so unique about Him? Why should anyone want to know Him? Why do I need to know Him?

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Let us introduce you to Him, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is and was more than ordinary. In fact He was revolutionary in every way. His preaching, His teaching, His stories, His miracles, His birth, His death, His promises, His claims, His unconditional love all cry out that we hear Him, and that we hear Him very carefully. What ever your opinion is of Him, no one can deny that a verdict must me made about Him. You cannot live your life without making a decision about Him. Every religion, philosophy or system of thought is forced to make some form of opinion about Him. His figure stands tall as the most controversial person to have walked this earth. Even now, His name stirs up emotion and debate. Articles, books, documentaries and more books continue to be produced about this one person.

He was bornJesus is the history splitter. History attests His birth almost 2,000 years ago. You would have to rewrite history to disbelieve this wonderful truth. His birth divided our calendar into A.D. and B.C. It is the most unique event to have taken place in the history of humanity, yet it took place in the most humble and modest fashion. There was no fancy hospital and professional medical staff on call. There was no palace, comfortable cot or cotton baby clothes. Instead, angels, stars, shepherds and all of creation paid homage to this new born Child. Born in a humble manger besides sheep, donkeys and cows, in the little unknown town of Bethlehem, shepherds came from distant lands to worship this new born King. His birth was foretold thousands of years before He was even born and told in great detail. But what made His birth so unique was that it was a virgin birth. His birth transcended every natural law and defied biology. His birth was supernatural and reveals something about His uniqueness and deity.

He is eternal Jesus was born into the world 2,000 years ago but has existed for all of eternity before His birth on earth. He was not created nor was He born in heaven at a specific time. He is the Creator of all things and all things were created through Him, by Him and for Him. He cannot cease to exist or die. He is eternal.

He is divineTell me how many people you know who can turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, open the ears of the deaf, heal the sick, feed 5,000 people with just five loaves and two fish and then raise Himself from the dead? Is He divine? There’s no question about it and there’s certainly no room to debate it. He was divine. In other words, He was like you and me, but at the same time He was not like you and me. His attributes, behaviour, character, deeds and explanation of Himself reveal that He understood Himself as divine. Will you chose to believe what He says about Himself? Or will you deny Him and chose for yourself a Jesus that is convenient to you? He is divine.

He is the MessiahJesus Christ simply translated means ‘Jesus the Messiah’. Christ is not His surname but His Messianic title. Jesus is the Messiah, the Deliverer, the Anointed One who was foretold thousands of years before His birth in the Old Testament. The Old Testament scriptures prophecy (foretell) the coming of the One who would be the Saviour of this world. Time and time again Jesus fulfills every prophecy, from His birth, to His life, to His death and His second coming. Jesus Himself recognised and declared Himself as the Messiah. He is the Messiah.

He is the God-ManDo you find this hard to understand, that Jesus was the God-Man? This is one of the most beautiful and powerful truths of the Bible. Either it was the greatest hoax that Jesus pulled or it is the greatest truth the world has ever known, that Jesus really is the image of the invisible God. God humbled Himself and took on the nature of man and flesh. Jesus is the God-Man. Jesus was fully God and fully man. How do we know this? The following questions give away the answer. Who has the power to forgive sins? Who has the power to give life and raise the dead? Who decidedes who goes to heaven or hell? Who will be the Judge on Judgement day? Who has the power to voluntarily lay down their life and then raise it up again? Who can wash away sins? The short answer is only God has the power to do these things and Jesus demonstrated this. He is the God-Man.

He was crucifiedThe Messiah, the God-Man Jesus was crucified on a cross outside of Jerusalem’s city gates, at a place called Golgotha. He was hated, rejected and despised by those whom He came to save. The Roman Governor at that time, Pontius Pilate sent Him to the cross at the violent demand of the religious mobs. This mob included the Jewish High Priest, the Sanhedrin (council) and ordinary folk, just like you and me. The crucifixion of Jesus is a historical fact that cannot be denied. It really did take place under the Roman government in Judea. He was crucified.

He came to dieWhy did Jesus come? Some people say He came to make people happy. Some say He came to restore ethical values and morals. Some say He came to show just ‘another’ way to God. The Bible says He came for very specific reasons, first of all He came to die for the glory of God. Secondly He came to die for you and me. He died ‘to give His life as a ransom for many’ (Mark 10:45). He came and died in your place for your good. He came to die.

He rose from the deadHe was crucified as a common criminal and His dead body was placed inside a tomb. On the third day He rose from the dead (resurrection) and left His tomb empty. His lifeless dead body physically came back to life. He had defeated death and triumphed over the grave. The very powers of death could not hold Jesus back. The Good News (Gospel) is that Jesus rose from the dead. This gives you and me hope of life. Death is no longer to be feared because Jesus overcame it. This is fact. Over 500 witnesses including the disciples of Jesus witnessed the resurrection appearance of Jesus. Will you reject it or believe it? H really did rise from the dead.

He is coming back againJesus promised that He would come back again (Second Coming). He is coming back to take His Church and all those who believe in Him for everlasting life. He will one day return in full glory with His angels to bring mercy to those who loved Him and followed Him and judgement to those who hated and rejected Him. If you are found without Him on His return the Bible says His judgement will fall upon you strongly. You must be saved.

He loves youYou are so loved by God that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ for you. John 3:16 in the Bible is perhaps the greatest description of God’s passionate love for you. He really loves you. He loves you more than your parents, family, friends or even pets could ever love you. He doesn’t need you to be clever, rich, famous or beautiful before He can love you. He loves you whether you are rich or poor, beautiful or not so beautiful, clever or simple, loud or quite, white or black. He loves you because He is love and gives Himself to you for your good. His love is unconditional and has no conditions tied to it.

He calls youYes, He calls you. Hear the call of His voice. Hear it in a whisper or in a loud voice. Open your ears and your heart to the Saviour. How will you respond to Jesus? Now that you have read about Him and tasted a glimpse of Him, will you respond to His call on your life. He calls you to lay down your life for Him and become a Christian. To repent, turn away from sin and rebellion. He calls you to lay down your own strength and to stop trusting in yourself and empty religion. To stop living for yourself and begin living for Him. He calls you. Will you respond to Jesus today? He will by no means cast you away, no matter what sin you have committed or what evil you have done. Come to Him before it is too late. Jesus said “Come to Me…”

His promise to youEternal life with Him. That’s His promise. His promise is eternal, true, faithful. He will save you from the darkness and torment of hell and grant you everlasting life and perfect joy in Him for an eternity of eternities. What greater promise is there than that. The promises of men will fail but the promises that God makes, He keeps because of who He is.