Kingston Road in Southall was a little busier than usual this weekend. The members at Grace church Southall were celebrating and rejoicing for two very good reasons.

Easter Weekend – Four life changing historical facts

On Sunday 31st March the church celebrated and remembered the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus Christ sits at the heart of the Christian message. The Bible proclaims that 2,000 years ago, God took on human form and came in the person of Jesus Christ. His purpose in coming was to proclaim the Kingdom of God, to save sinners from the wrath of God and to demonstrate the glory of God. God was motivated by His own glory and His love for all of mankind.

In His mission to save His people from their sins, Jesus was crucified on a cross and His dead body laid in a tomb. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

1 Corinthians 15 tells us that of first importance is the Gospel, and at the heart of the Gospel are four historical, mind blowing, life changing facts: 1) Christ died for our sins; 2) He was buried; 3) He was raised on the third day, and; 4) He appeared.

I had the privilege to preach from God’s Word a message about the meaning of these four historical facts.

baptismThe Baptism of a New Believer

The other reason why Kingston Road was so busy this weekend was because friends and family came to witness the baptism of Ayaz; a new believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Ayaz became a Christian last year and has since been committed in attending Grace Church Southall.

Since his conversion, Ayaz has grown in His love for the Lord and His love for God’s people. He has therefore responded in obedience to the command of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and upon the profession of his personal faith in Him, Ayaz was baptised by the leaders of the church during the service. It was of great joy to see the Scriptures obeyed and lived out through the baptism.

As we had many first time visitors and non-Christians in the congregation, I was extra vigilant in explaining the meaning and mode of baptism. I reminded our members, guests and visitors that the Scriptures are plain about three things: 1) Ayaz will be baptised as a believer; 2) Ayaz will be baptised by immersion, and; 3) Ayaz will be baptised as a symbol.

How wonderful it was to see a glimpse of the Gospel in Southall. Furthermore, how wonderful it is to witness 2,000 years after Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, believer’s today are still identifying with Him through the symbolic ordinance of baptism.

To read Ayaz’s story (testimony), click here.

If you live locally or near the church and would like to come to the worship service and find out more, we warmly welcome you.