Sunday Service

Every Sunday starting at 11am, we have our main worship service. All ages, backgrounds and peoples are welcome. The members of the church all share an excitement and joy in sharing the good news and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please don’t feel shy if you’ve never been to a church service before. You’ll be welcomed warmly and you won’t be asked to do anything that you don’t want to do.

During our main Sunday service, we have a time of worship which includes the singing of songs, hymns, and psalms accompanied by instruments. We also dedicate a short time towards prayer, expressing our adoration of God and offering our thanks whilst confessing our need for Jesus Christ before finally hearing the preaching of the Bible and its application to our lives.

Whilst this goes on, our children have their own meeting for interactive fun and learning about how to practise the Great Commandment of loving God and one another. After the service we love to meet guests and spend time together having tea, coffee and biscuits. There are fun activities for the youth too such as table tennis, pool, and other games to play. Find out where we meet and worship. For more information, please contact us.

In summary:

  • We worship the Lord through hymns, songs and prayers.
  • We listen to the preaching of God’s Word so we can learn about His person, purposes and promises.
  • We share prayer requests and testimonies about what God is doing in our lives.
  • We fellowship with one another and get to know our friends and visitors.